About Us

Ahwren Ayers, Owner/Master Groomer,
and my husband Charles.

I was instructed in New York accredited Professional Grooming in the early 1970’s. With much encouragement from family, friends, and clients, I opened My Pet’s Place  Grooming in 1978.  I’ve been blessed to work with pets and their owners these 30 plus years.

Ahwren & Charles


My Girls:  Emma and Lucy ~ May 24, 2017

Dec. 4, 2017 212  

 In Memory of Lucy 7-15-2004 – 11-02-2016 ~ She was always full of life and joy.

Lucy Jumping

Lucy Jumping

Lucy on the Weave Poles

Lucy on the Weave Poles

In Memory of Velvet Rose  September 24, 2004  – April 13, 2018

Velvet Rose

Velvet Rose is very good at catching.