Covid 19 Protocol

Welcome to My Pet’s Place Grooming

I’m used to welcoming people and their pets into the shop for a pleasant meet and greet before grooming. Temporarily CV19 has ‘created some distance’. However the open heart, friendly exchange and excellent grooming remain the same.

When you arrive for your appointment I will meet you at the door. We will both be wearing our face masks over our mouth and nose.
Please bring your pet on a six foot leash with a collar.
I will reach my arm out the door and you will hand me the end of your pet’s leash.
We will have safe transfer and compliance with social distancing.

I realize this can be challenging especially for first time grooming visits. I hope when you look through My Pet’s Place Grooming web site and read some reviews you will trust that your precious pet will be well cared for, look terrific and be relaxed and happy when you return for pick up.