Happy Clients

“I like that MPP Grooming is quiet and clean, and the work is skilled and caring.  I’m happy to have found this Master Groomer.” ~ G.E.

“Now that My Pet’s Place is  grooming my dog he’s calmer and more relaxed, and so am I. He always looks and feels great when he comes home.” ~ M.R.

“I’m grateful to My Pet’s Place for grooming my precious Yorkie all her life. Grooming was always a gentle part of her doggie routine and she looked beautiful every time.” ~ J.B

“When I drop my dogs off in the morning I have peace of mind. And I like that I’m supporting a local business.” ~ J.H.

“Thank you MPP for the training you provide with the grooming. It’s a relief to have Ben groomed professionally, and with the tips you gave us we can keep him in better shape between visits. He’s also more fun to have around now that he behaves better for us.” ~ J.G.

“My Pet’s Place friendly atmosphere is so relaxed it’s like my dog is at a yoga retreat.” ~ R.M.

“At My Pet’s Place my 3 dogs are handled with compassion and ease. Along with reasonable pricing they’re a winner in my book.” ~ D.S.

“We are so very pleased with Morgan’s grooming–by far the best he’s ever had. Moreover, he seemed quite chipper after the event whereas after previous groomings he’s taken to his bed for several hours.”  ~David



“My eight year old Pomeranian, Louis has been a regular customer for over 8 years now. We both appreciate the time and attention he receives when he’s there. The quiet and calm atmosphere also allows for a stress-free visit. Thanks to Ahwren for her affordable, consistent and dedicated service.” ~Lynda


My Pet’s Place came highly recommended ten years ago.  The service is exceptional and  my Bichon, Pierre, comes out white as snow after his cut and wash. I can’t imagine taking him anywhere else.  They take excellent care of him.  ~Cindy


All of their lives, our girls, Lola,  Edith Ann and Geraldine have visited  “My Pet’s Place” for their monthly salon treatment. They return home looking beautiful and smelling lovely.  ~Karen


I first heard about My Pet’s Place from my mother-in-law who always praised the tender care Ahwren gave her little dog.   After trying other grooming services and bringing home our Shitzu upset and disturbed, I took Missy to Ahwren.   Missy came home beautifully groomed, but more importantly, no longer upset by her visit.

Missy will soon be 15 years old, is blind and deaf and can be difficult to handle, but she is still comfortable with her grooming routine.   I appreciate knowing my dog is well cared for by someone who is so expert in her care.  ~J.C.


LucyAhwren is great with Lucy, my 11 year old Cocker Spaniel. In recent years, Lucy has developed lots of lumps and bumps on her skin, making grooming more difficult. I always feel confident that she’ll receive the extra special care she needs at My Pet’s Place.  ~Robbie