Master Grooming Tips

At Home Pet Care Tips

Maintain a grooming routine at home.  Do your best to brush your pet regularly;  daily or weekly.  Use a ‘slicker brush’,  I highly recommend it for most every breed.  Creating a special grooming area helps,  ie. the top of a dryer or table with a folded towel on the top. If your pet objects to brushing create shorter sessions.  However, start and stop your home grooming when you choose, not when your pet decides.   You are your pet’s alpha leader. Your pet looks to you to be in charge.  So lead with calm assertiveness.   Practice basic obedience;  “Sit”, “Stay”, “Down”, and “Off”(when pet is jumping on people).  Remember, you’re the leader.

Watch for fleas!

We’re likely to have more of a flea problem this year because last winter was so soft.
Aug., Sept., and Oct. are usually the worst flea months. This year start now.
Check your pets regularly (stomach is usually a good area to spot fleas, or on the back at the base of the tail). If one of your pets has fleas they all do, even if you can’t see them. Treat all your pets.  Check with your vet about which flea program is best for your pet. Topical flea treatment is successful, and flea pills are getting more popular.
~  Your best approach to fighting fleas is to treat all your pets at once. Three monthly successive treatments in a row is usually recommended. Or ongoing flea treatment depending on your situation. To be most effective start treating your pet two weeks prior to grooming. Your pet can then be groomed with a flea bath. You’ll want to follow up two weeks later with another topical treatment. A third topical treatment is usually recommended a month after that. So it’s topical treatment on all pets; two weeks later flea bath; two weeks later topical; one month later topical. This timing of treatment saves money in getting rid of fleas, and also, even though our flea bath is organic, this timing lowers the ‘treatment impact’ on your pets liver.  Remember to vacuum the house and wash bedding, rugs, anywhere you pet(s) spend time.
*** Be sure to inform your groomer of any sign of fleas prior to grooming day.***

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